Charlize Theron refuses to (again) gain weight for a role

Charlize Theron she is an actress who needs no introduction. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a boundless talent that has allowed her to transition from action roles to dramatic roles with a naturalness that showcases her theatrical ability and ability to step into character’s shoes. In the long years that led her to summary An enviable, very long and often satisfying filmography, Charlize Theron has never held back when it came to taking on challenges to make her character more believable or credible. But now the actress faces a problem. old guard AND North Country – Josie’s Story he no longer wants to accept the consequences this will have on his daily life. Let’s find out what it is.

Charlize Theron final decision

In the title diversity we read about how Charlize Theron, who became famous to the general public thanks to the numerous Dior commercials she mentioned, decided to refuse or refuse all roles that would require too drastic physical transformations. The actress herself explains the motivation for her decision. In an interview with Charm the actress recently left the film Quick X (the tenth chapter of the saga of fast and furious) actually he said:

I will never, ever do a film again that makes me say, “Yeah, it’ll take forty pounds.” (equivalent to approximately eighteen kilograms, ed.). I won’t do it again because I know I can’t take them off now. When I was 27, I made a “Monster” and lost a pound. (nearly fourteen kilograms, ed.) like in one night. I skipped three meals and returned to my target weight.

It is thanks to his interpretation in Monsters where she hid her face with make-up that made her look ugly and pounds that reshaped her body, Charlize Theron was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2004. Movie signed Patty Jenkins told a true story Eileen Wuornos, a prostitute turned serial killer. Thus, for Charlize Theron, it was not so difficult to get on the feet of her heroine, and gaining weight was not an impossible task. But now, at a more mature age, the actress realizes that her body will not react the way it did when she was not even thirty years old. A realization he already faced in 2018 when he had to put on about twenty-two kilograms to play the main character Tully, and describe the path of a woman and mother on the verge of burnout and a nervous breakdown. In this regard, Charlize Theron continued her interview by saying:

According to Tully, I did it (gained some weight) when I was forty-three and I remember it took me almost a year to lose that weight. I called my doctor and said, “I think I’m dying because I can’t lose weight.” And he said something like: “You are over forty. Don’t take it to heart. Your metabolism isn’t what it used to be.” Nobody would like to hear that.

In an interview with Entertainment tonightCharlize Theron delved into the subject of transforming her body to play the main character Tully, and explained:

I got about fifty pounds for this movie (already mentioned twenty-two kilograms, ed.). I wanted to feel how this woman feels, and I thought it was a way to feel closer to her and her way of thinking. For me it was a surprise. Depression hit me hard. Yes, for the first time in my life, I was eating so much processed food and drinking too much sugar. It wasn’t that much fun to be around during the filming of this movie (…) The first three weeks are always fun because you feel like a kid in a candy store. So it was fun to go to In-N-Out for breakfast and two milkshakes. And now, three weeks later, the fun is over. Suddenly you get bored of eating so much food and it becomes work. I remember setting my alarm in the middle of the night to keep gaining weight. I literally woke up at two in the morning to get a serving of cold macaroni and cheese.

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