ChatGPT on Bing would have a “secret” Celebrity mode with Elon Musk


AI chatbots certainly represent one of the most interesting phenomena in the Tech field, thanks also to the efforts made by Microsoft. We have already highlighted the potential of everything in the various tests of ChatGPT on Bing, but now the time has come to enter the field of rumors. Indeed, it is circulating not a minor rumor.

In this regard, as reported by MSPowerUser and BleepingComputer, ChatGPT on Bing (or rather, the renewed Bing) would integrate a sort of “secret mode” capable of converse like the likes of Elon Musk. It’s not exactly a new idea as far as this world is concerned, considering what we have recently indicated also in our study on the alternatives to ChatGPT (who said Character AI?), but it is a bit atypical to hear a possibility of this being associated like a behemoth like Microsoft.

In any case, what the sources refer to is the fact that the Redmond company is allegedly testing a feature capable of “imitating” the style of conversations of well-known figures, from the aforementioned Musk to Diddy, even passing through Gollum. In general, however, the user who reported everything to BleepingComputer says that it would be possible to carry out conversations of this type with the AI ​​imitation of athletes, singers, actors and so on.

However, there would be, at least for now, one list of usable names, therefore it does not seem possible to exploit these commands for all the figures known to the general public. The sources also bring up, for example, the names of Tom Cruise, Barack Obama, Taylor Swift, Dwayne Johnson, Beyoncé and Tom Hanks. Then there would be Harry Potter, Darth Vader, Gandalf, Yoda, Batman and so on. Instead, it seems that Bing refuses to “impersonate”, for example, politicians like Donald Trump, but according to sources it would currently be possible to “circumvent” this limit.

However, it seems that this “secret” mode is not yet active by default, but that the user who started it all managed to get Bing to enable it. For the rest, the questions that could be asked of the AI ​​imitations of these personalities would be relative to career, hobbies, opinions, and so on.

It could only be a test and currently it is not easy to verify the actual existence of everything, given that the sources do not indicate precisely how the user would have managed to activate this “secret” mode. However, understand well that even the mere actual existence of a feature of this type, if confirmed, could potentially open up a broader debate. BleepingComputer claims to have asked Microsoft for a comment, but at the time of writing, no official response has yet been received.

For the rest, another BleepingComputer article also refers to the alleged existence of additional chatbot modes. In short, it seems that users are discovering further the potential of AI in ways not exactly expected, which go beyond the already launched conversational tone of ChatGPT on Bing.

Source: BleepingComputer

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