Chiara Ferragni and other stars with the most beautiful bob

ANDinternally cool, elegant regardless, with the priceless plus of being low maintenance. summer Slam conquer the hair of the stars again, starting with Claire Ferragni with me hair in dye bombshell effect fashionable. But don’t underestimate the great versions in two tone brown jennifer garner and that brunette (with asymmetric turn) Jennifer Connelly.

Chiara Ferragni bob haircut moment

Chiara Ferragni bob haircut moment

Chiara Ferragni, bob queen

With the exception of rare cases of back lengthening, in recent months the 35-year-old entrepreneur and wife Fedez stabilized on mid cut. However, the most comfortable hairstyle for the most part will never get bored with it thanks to a number of technical solutions, ranging from sculptural waves almost geometrically. more innovative blonde shades.

Very blond wavy look for the evening

Within a few weeks the founder Salad Blonde flaunt short bob almost everywhere. From a late spring vacation in Capri to a tour of Milan in early summer, this is the best hairstyle to adorn light and colorful daytime outfits.

Although it’s good for a party smooth styling he comes alive with the game wavy which starts at the height of the cheekbone and emphasizes ice lightning Unlike ash blonde roots. The neckline is only a few centimeters longer than the chin and is the perfect frame for a graphic make-up based on light blue shadows and black liquid eyeliner.

Medium Smooth Cut Two Tone Brown

even cut completely devoid of scaling, it is currently very popular also from be over 50as an actress Jennifer Garner. Short hair thanks to the expert hands of celebrity hairdresser Adir Abergel for a Variety shoot.

Jennifer Garner in early June 2023. (Photo by Steve Border/FilmMagic)

The haircut, originally wavy and with slight highlights on the strands on the sides of the face, takes on a new look with a metallic effect. So you get Bob Glass sharp and very bright, upgraded staining in two shades of chestnut: from the roots to the temples in a shade of dark chocolate, the rest in a shade of cinnamon.

asymmetrical bob in raven hair

Another “old” but flawless star who loves this hairstyle is a 52-year-old woman. Jennifer Connelly. At the 2023 Oscars, she hid it in a tight, ultra-minimalist hairstyle, but since the beginning of the year, she has really enjoyed experimenting with her hair. medium bob.

At the beginning of January at the photocall Sundance Film Festivalchose the hairstyle soft and voluminous curls Marilyn style with cotton tuft and sideline. Right after smooth bob with a parting in the middle and locks are scaled by jaw height.

The latest evolution, as shown in an Instagram post by hairstylist Renato Campora a few days ago, is angled bob perfect for variations with slightly longer hair that reaches the collarbone. Always in its super dark hue bordering on crow black, this is a very effective solution for more than just artistic portraits. But also for those who, like her, she likes to alternate loose hair with gathered hairstyles.


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