Chiara Ferragni, Elodie and Diletta Leotta at a joint dinner in Milan: Instagram photo

Last night, Wednesday, September 6, entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni spent time with friends: Elodie, Diletta Leotta and Francesca Mugeri. With them, Ferragni allowed herself a respite with a high level of glamor and taste, going to dinner.

The combination of sophisticated and dark for two of them (Ferragni and Elodie), edgy animal for the other (Leotta) and glittery with crystals for the other (Francesca Mugeri, co-founder of Whoopsee) enriched this feminine outlet. At the end of this article, you can see the numerous shots shared by the main characters of the Milan evening.

Chiara Ferragni, who recently returned to Milan after spending the whole of August in Ibiza with her family (Fedes, Leone and Vittoria), decided not to swim in the sea of ​​Ibiza, but certainly in the sea of ​​glamour. under the brand name Darsena, Navigli & Co., i.e. Milan.
It’s a very busy period for the entrepreneur and influencer, who shared Instagram photos of her kids’ first day of school a few days ago as she accompanied her to school, and next weekend she’ll obviously be attending her sister Francesca’s wedding. whose really he will be a great protagonist…

A special evening among the “girls”, apparently organized by Chiara Ferragni, who went for a walk with her dear friends Elodie, Diletta Leotta and Francesca Mugeri. And given that we are talking about the number one power woman in Italy (and not only in Italy, given that her fame borders everywhere), it is obvious that the exit among women has been well documented and circulated on the net. “Girl’s Dinner” reads the caption for a series of images commemorating beautiful and very cheerful friends. Not only them, but also two friends: make-up artist Manuele Mameli and stylist Fabio Maria Damato. That this evening is a spy of some collaboration? There are those who ask online.

A very elegant Total Black look for Chiara Ferragni.

The incident prompted Ferragni to open up his gorgeous wardrobe that Carrie Bradshaw would envy and create a Total Black look that is elegant on the one hand and ultra-sensual on the other. A pair of low-rise skinny trousers and a halter-neck crop top made for a businesswoman look.
A gorgeous Hermès Birkin bag in fluorescent fuchsia crocodile leather added a chromatic touch to the black look, a real gem that should be worth around 100,000 euros…



Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, first day of school for children

Elodie also opts for a dark and sensual look, while Diletta Leotta opts for a tiger suit.

The same (excellent) choice was the singer Elodie, in a somewhat collegiate and slightly hilarious version. A mini dress with a full skirt and black leather combat boots made her a real diva who winks at the punk aesthetic, mixing something from Courtney Love of the first hour, Billie Eilish, Avril Lavigne with more niche ones like Muffs.
And the new mom Diletta Leotta? For an evening out with friends, she wore an animal print jumpsuit with a very edgy tiger motif and stilettos.
At the endWhoopsee co-founder Francesca Mugeri hit the mark in a crystal-encrusted top paired with oversized gray jeans.

Below you can see photos of the four friends during a glamorous evening in Milan, shared by Chiara Ferragni’s account.

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Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius, the history of the couple. PHOTO

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