Chicago fans boo Jerry Krause’s widow, Michael Jordan accused of being a ‘little bully’

Chicago Bulls fans expressed their displeasure with former general manager Jerry Krause during the halftime ceremony, prompting an emotional reaction from his widow and criticism from former players.

One of the first 13 players inducted into the Bulls’ Ring of Honor, Krause is considered the mastermind behind the Bulls’ six championships.

Selma, who represented her late husband who died in 2017, bore the brunt of the crowd’s hostility as she sat in her seat and chose not to respond to the United Center crowd.

Sportswriter Tim MacMahon commented on the way Bulls fans treated Jerry Krause’s widow during the awards ceremony.

ESPN’s Tim MacMahon was very vocal about the behavior of Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls fans when he discussed the incident involving Jerry Krause.

McMahon called Jordan a “little bully” in response to fans booing Krause, suggesting Jordan’s influence may have affected crowd behavior.

The documentary “The Last Dance” chronicles the career of Michael Jordan and the success of the Chicago Bulls, providing a narrative that shores up Jordan’s legacy while potentially damaging Jerry Krause’s reputation.

McMahon’s criticism focused on the documentary’s depiction of Jordan’s relationship with Krause and other Bulls players, which he portrayed in a negative light.

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Jordan’s Leadership: McMahon’s Criticism and Fan Influence

Jordan is often hailed as one of the best basketball players of all time, but his leadership style and the way he interacted with teammates and executives drew negative reviews.

McMahon’s labeling of Jordan as a “little bully” hinted at criticism of Jordan’s behavior, emphasizing the damaging impact it could have on the team’s atmosphere and fan sentiment.

There’s no question that an athlete’s behavior affects the behavior of fans, and in this case, McMahon believes Jordan’s behavior created a benchmark for fans to emulate, resulting in Jerry Krause being treated disrespectfully.

McMahon stressed the importance of looking at sports figures like Jordan from a broader perspective, as their impact extends beyond their athletic excellence.

Jerry Krause and Michael Jordan had a complicated relationship during their tenures with the Chicago Bulls.

Krause was instrumental in the establishment of the Bulls dynasty, rescuing Phil Jackson from the CBA and subsequently firing head coach Doug Collins and promoting Jackson to head coach.

Krause also played a crucial role in acquiring key players such as Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr.

However, tensions arose in their relationship. While Michael Jordan acknowledged Krause’s contribution to the Bulls’ success, he also publicly expressed the tension between them.

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