Childhood vaccination campaign: target to vaccinate 1.5 million Spanish children against influenza


This year, minors from six months to five years are required to be vaccinated to avoid the effects of seasonal viruses

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Just like every fall, the days are getting shorter and it’s back to school and our hair is falling out even more, Vaccination campaign begins Fight viruses influenza.But there is another important novelty to this year’s event, which is that for the first time it is extended to everyone Healthy children 6 months to 5 years old From all over Spain.They are required to be vaccinated in total 1.6 million children.

As always in these situations, parents have many questions for health professionals, so we will try to clarify them all.

Aren’t the kids already vaccinated against the flu?

not all, The vaccine is only recommended for boys and girls with underlying medical conditions The situation may be complicated if they become infected with the influenza virus, or it may complicate responding to the virus. This is the case, for example, in immunosuppressed children or in children with chronic metabolic or respiratory problems.

Why should they get vaccinated now?

Over the next few weeks, healthy children aged 6 months to 5 years will receive the flu vaccine because they have been shown to be the best recipients of the flu vaccine. main transmitter flu virus.They catch the virus through schools and daycares They have high contact with each otherthey eventually bring the virus home and infect the adults they live with.

What does vaccination look like?

Like adults, it’s a single dose, but the difference is how it’s administered.

for Ranging from 2 to 5 years old flu vaccine Drug administration through the nose, into the nose, using a method that does not use needles. The dose of the attenuated vaccine is administered with the help of a spray bottle and is completely painless, with the discomfort similar to water entering the nose when taking a shower.

for Range from 6 to 23 months Inactivated vaccines will be intramuscular injection, i.e. click.

What are the side effects of vaccines?

Generally speaking, these side effects They are few in number and children tolerate them well. About 15% of children complained of pain at the puncture site, and 10% reported feeling unwell and developing a fever of a few tenths of a degree for a day or two.

Is this your first time getting vaccinated?

No, In fact, providing vaccines to healthy children in these age groups is already underway in China. Previous immunization campaigns will take place in Andaluca, Galicia and Murcia in 2022. Last year, vaccination rates for children aged 6 months to 5 years in these communities reached 50%, and we aim to increase this rate.

Do other countries do this?

Of course I am, We are not pioneers in this regard. For example, the United Kingdom began vaccinating boys and girls in this age group in 2013, and the results have been positive in falling numbers of adult influenza cases.

But does the flu usually affect children?

More than we thought, if we look at the data, the incidence of influenza Depending on the year, the share of children in the population varies between 20% and 40%. Fortunately, they usually spend a week resting at home and taking medication to control symptoms, and only 5% of cases end up requiring hospitalization.

Will they receive new doses of the COVID-19 vaccine?

You may have read that a new dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, a fifth dose, will be administered this fall, but in this case Not suitable for all children. Only pediatricians provide this service to children with high-risk medical conditions.

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