chili.Gendarmerie who inflicted eye injury on protester with bombing acquitted in Temuco

Juan Contreras Jara. Latin America Digest, 3 August 2023.

Gendarmerie Sergeant Juan Felipe González Ganga is shot from a distance during the suppression of protests in the center of Temuco within the framework of social status, October 22, 2019 Less than 20 meters away, riot gear attacked a protester, permanently damaging his eyesight and nose.

The Temuco Oral Criminal Court acquitted on Monday of all charges against Juan Felipe González Ganga, a Carabineros special forces officer accused in the first instance of During the outbreak, projectiles were fired into the faces of protesters, causing extremely serious illegal coercion.

Victims’ representative Sebastián Saavedra said the ruling ultimately acquitted the officer despite the testimony, ballistic and audiovisual evidence presented.

Saavedra detailed the protester’s “facial injuries. He fractured his right cheekbone and left orbital fracture. One particle damaged his retina and caused severe ocular trauma to his left eye, another particle stuck It got in his nose and it caused chronic sinusitis.They did three surgeries on him that left him so badly missing that he had zero vision in the central part.

After a week-long trial and more than three years of investigations, the first-instance trial ended with the lawyer acquitted and the officer acquitted. The above was due to the “quality of evidence” presented compared to the assessment given by the court.

The complainant states that “in this case, unlike many others in the area, we had a remote surveillance camera from the city of Temuco that was filming at exactly the time. The moment he was recognized and hit. It can be seen from the surveillance camera that he was hit head-on by a police car. The determined distance was 15m, which was confirmed by planimetry experts and ballistics experts, and also agreed with the victim. Say it matches.”

Despite the video, expert reports from two PDI experts, and statements from those affected, the judge “suggested that it was impossible, and even if there was such evidence, it would not be sufficient to prove that it was the alleged police officers” who committed the crime. “Behavior. They say it could be anyone in the square. We’re going to have to try 500 police officers for that.”

The lawyer said the victim, a 29-year-old baker, was injured and had to leave the business to work on a daily wage. He added that he would appeal the acquittal of Armed Police Sergeant Juan Felipe Gonzalez Ganga, arguing that “in the new system, there is a lot of value in the initial evidence that is not From the defendant. It has to be reasoned and evaluated, and in this case we have the victim’s version, a video showing the moment and endorsed by the victim, and a series of expert reports corroborating the victim’s version. In other words, It’s serious scientific work that manages to validate the victim’s story.

*The presented award should not be considered final as there are procedural circumstances that could modify the award.


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