Chlöe: Beyoncé’s protegee, who now wants to become her heir

On this side of the Atlantic, little is said about it, yet. In the USA, on the other hand, the release of “In pieces”, Chlöe’s debut album, is among the most anticipated of the recording season. Do you want because the 24-year-old American singer and actress is recently ended up in the spotlight for the nude scene she agreed to shoot in “Sciame”the series created by Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, recently released on Prime Video (the same one that marked the debut as an actress of Billie Eilish). You want because there is behind the project Beyoncéwhich opened all the doors to Chloe Elizabeth Bailey – this is the real name of the singer – all the doors, including those of the White House, where already in 2016 Chlöe performed for the Easter gorden party, together with her little sister Halle: she was just 16 years old.

It was with the latter that Chlöe began to make herself known, .posting covers of former Destiny’s Child hits recorded in their bedroom on YouTube, in the house in Atlanta where the two girls lived with their parents. One day an email arrives: it’s della Parkwood Entertainment, the label founded by Queen B, who wanted to sign the duo. Since then Chloe x Halle has received – among other things – two albums (“The kids are alright” in 2018 and “Ungodly hour” 2020), participation in Beyoncé’s tours (and also in the visual album “Lemonade”), a win Rising Star Awards at Billboard Women in Music and five Grammy Award nominations. Then in 2021 Halle decides to fly to London, agreeing to play Ariel in the live action version of the Disney classic “The Little Mermaid”. And Chlöe, left alone, rolls up her sleeves.

“In pieces”, which will be released this Friday, March 31starrives at the consecration of aascent started off on the right foot in 2021 with the single “Have mercy”arrived today at 93 million views on YouTube it’s at 161.4 million total streams worldwide on Spotify “My sister went to London to shoot a film for eight months.

It was tough without her. So I created this project. I found confidence in myself. As if to say: ‘Ok, now you can do it’”, Chlöe told the US media. She too took her extra-musical satisfactions. Not only by acting in “Sciame”, which tells the dark sides of the fanaticism of the pop world, with the protagonist – the very good Dominique Fishback, one of the most successful African-American actresses in the States – who develops an obsession with the pop star Ni’Jah, fictional character who .it actually reproduces curiously the characteristics of Beyoncé herself (fans call themselves “the Beehive,” a clear reference to the Queen Bee: “This is not a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, dead or alive, or to real events, is intentional,” reads in the disclaimer provocatively placed at the beginning of each episode). If her sister makes her debut in the role of “The Little Mermaid” in May, she will soon – according to rumors – begin to play on the set the character of Tempesta for a new film in the “X-Men” saga.

Indiscretions, we said. Meanwhile there is this record, “In pieces”, which he will immediately promote on tour, between the United States and Canada: between April and May he will perform in the clubs of some of the main American cities, from Chicago to Los Angeles, passing through Detroit, Boston , New York, Atlanta, Houston. To Beyoncé’s protégé – whom she already met in 2003 on the set of the film “The fighting temptations”, where she played a small part- it is no longer enough to stay under the protective wing of the voice of “Listen”: now he wants to become its heir to all intents and purposes.

In “In pieces” there is the hand of – among others – Cody Jordan Fayne, ThankGod4Codythat with “SOS” Of SZA has helped to redefine the canons of contemporary r&b. Not only. Among the guests of the tracks contained on the disc there are Chris Brown (“How does it feel”), Futures (“Cheatback”) as well Missy Elliott, the mother of all American black music divas of the last twenty years: “It should have been simply called Chlöe. But then half the project changed. Now it is more vulnerable and raw”, she anticipated, speaking of the themes. Will she be able to make her godmother proud?

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