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Every evening, at least until next Friday, we know where she will be, that is, on stage San Siro. How Chris Martin instead, the rest of the days in Milan remain a mystery. The Coldplay singer has always been very attentive to her personal life, so much so that her relationship with Dakota Johnson, next to him after the dissolution of his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow, for years remained only a voice, devoid of any joint photographs. The first couple of shots date from, in fact, 2018. Their story is said to date back to 2017, or more likely 2016.

These days of concerts in Milan – completely sold out, more than 225,000 visitors are expected in the stadium – the British singer is not with his girlfriend, who, after brackets in Naples, must be left again due to obligations on the set, but with his ex-wife . Extended family format, or rather in your own words “deliberately untied”. Gwyneth, also very dedicated to keeping her personal life under wraps, except for various tips given out through Goop, arrived in Milan almost undercover. At the first concert at the San Siro, he saw him in the stands with his hair up and wearing a hat to confuse her among the fans. Next to her, son Moses. Absent, however, the elder Apple likely stayed in California.

To “catch her”, a video was posted via TikTok that resumes Gwyneth just like Chris Martin sings. Fix you, the song he wrote for her. “Who knows how this should affect her,” fans ask themselves online. From Gwyneth, of course, no comment. However, on hot days in Milan it was at least lunch together. The actress shared a photo in the premises of the Prada foundation, namely in the Luce bar, designed by Wes Anderson. But if he only appears on social media with his son, we know there was another guest there: Chris Martin.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Indeed, three they dined together. Mom and son came first and lined up like any other customer. The leader of Colplay, wearing a gray T-shirt and cap, accompanied by a couple of bodyguards, arrived just in time to place an order. Gwyneth chose spinach and lettuce. After that, all three visited the museum.

Both the actress and the singer are fans of our country and at the time of the wedding they spent part of their vacation in Italy. According to insiders, Gwyneth and her son are currently staying at the Mandarin Oriental, a central but modest five-star hotel in Milan. Top secret, however, is Coldplay’s address. The meeting will take place on the stage of San Siro.

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