Chrissy Teigen brings spooky vibes to her Halloween home decor

Chrissy Teigen is vying to become the queen of Halloween.

On Tuesday, October 3, the mother of four gave fans a look at the creepy decorations she was working on outside her home, and let’s just say she gives Kris Jenner And Heidi Klum race for your money.

The cookbook author began his Instagram story with two huge zombie skeletons in a field of giant pumpkins. “Oh my God,” she said before the birth of her five-year-old son. Miles stand next to one of the creatures to properly emphasize its size.

You can see the photos here.

“So we called them Frank and Jerry,” she continued, but Miles corrected that the latter was actually Perry.

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“Oh my lord, they’re tall,” Teigen added. “Oh my God, this is so amazing.”

Miles felt a little cheated when he approached one of the skeletons and remarked, “Oh my God, this isn’t even real! It squishes.”

“What do you mean, it’s not even real? Of course not!” Teigen laughed in response.

Following the silly video, she showed a cute video of the youngest in the family, a three-month-old child. Wrensitting on one of the large pumpkins with a little help from Teigen’s mother.

“Hey Ren,” Teigen sang as the child looked around and continued to warn Miles and the 7-year-old. moon be careful when playing in the yard.

The large-scale exhibition was organized by Marketing Studio Los Angeles, a public relations and event management company. “We love you so much!” Teigen wrote in the first video she posted, tagging the brand.

Teigen and her husband John Legend also share 8 month old Esty.

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