Chrissy Teigen opens up about her regrets over one vow renewal

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend recently reached a major milestone in their marriage: the model and “Conversations in the Dark” singer celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal at Villa Pizzo on Lake Como – the same place where they tied the knot ten years ago back. previously. Almost a week after the holidays, Teigen opened up to People about a weekend party. Overall, the TV presenter said that she remembers this event with love. “It was really special – a lot more emotional than I expected – but really so good,” she said. “And I feel so happy and happy and, to put it in a cliché way, it was just so damn sweet and amazing.”

While Teigen has overwhelmingly positive memories of the special event, she does have one regret that she told the publication. According to the model, she did not spend as much time with her husband as she would like. “In these things, the person you talk to the least is your husband,” she explained. “I’m like, I don’t even remember him.”

Teigen may not have seen much of Legend during the affair, but she interacted with many of her guests. The couple invited several of their famous friends to the significant event, such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Olivia Wilde, Daryl Hannah, Natasha Rothwell and Sarah Paulson. People reports. The publication notes that some of the celebrities in attendance even treated guests to food because the event supported the mission of the One Fair Wage campaign, which raises awareness for low-income restaurant workers and tipped workers who earn less than the minimum wage.

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Teigen also said People that she was hesitant to renew the vow because, as a big Bravo fan, she had seen many relationships from Real Housewives the franchise ended after the couples in the series renewed their vows. “I didn’t want it to be a vow renewal,” she admitted. “I come from a world Real Housewives, and vow renewal is the kiss of death, but I thought, “Let’s kiss it.” Let’s do that”. She added that she prefers a quiet night out to big parties because the latter usually “drive me to the wall,” which also contributed to her initial doubts. The legend is the complete opposite. “God, he loves to party,” Teigen said of her husband. “He loves dates and parties.”

Even though Teigen and Legend reached the 10-year mark in their marriage, the model said they did not exchange gifts, indicating that “the event itself was a gift.” “It didn’t even cross our minds,” she said. However, it wouldn’t hurt Teigen if Legend gave her a nice gift. “I’m a girl, and I think he should get something,” she shared. “But I will say that we haven’t really achieved anything. I don’t need anything at all.”

The duo went out of their way to celebrate their first 10 years of marriage, but Teigen clarified that vow renewals likely won’t be the norm for every decade after that. “My accountant says I can do this every 25 years,” she joked. “But no, I would, but you want to make it special too, and I don’t really like celebrations, whether it’s my birthday or anything like that. But I love gratitude and I love thanking the people who have been there for the last 17 years of our relationship. That was everything for me.”

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