Chrissy Teigen shows off her leggy looks in tight black workout clothes while watching her kids during soccer practice.

She has long been known for her effortless sense of style.

And Chrissy Teigen looked casual while watching her kids’ soccer practice on Tuesday.

The 37-year-old media personality showed off her long body in tight black sportswear as she relaxed on the grass while her children played.

Chrissy wore a pair of skinny black bike shorts and an oversized cardigan for a stroll in the Los Angeles sun.

She completed the look with black slides and a matching crossbody bag, taking advantage of the opportunity to sit down while her kids played.

Casual Style: Chrissy Teigen showed off her leggy figure in tight black workout clothes as she took her kids to soccer practice on Tuesday.
Casual: The media personality looks relaxed as he reclines on the grass and watches his children as they work out.

It comes after Chrissie reflected on the close relationship she had with her son Ren’s surrogate mother Alexandra during their pregnancy.

The mother-of-four was seven months pregnant with daughter Esti while her surrogate mother carried her son.

In an interview with People, the Cravings author said that their relationship did not end with the birth of Ren, but ended two months later.

“We talk all the time, we exchange sweet text messages all the time. She sees all my stories on Instagram, and I try to send her little photos from the shoot,” the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model told.

She added: “At the beginning of this journey, I told her that I needed someone who would be there for birthday parties and throughout life.

“I wanted to meet her children and I wanted my children to be friends with her children. And they are really sincere, and it was very nice to see,” she exulted.

“It was a fantastic atmosphere. Even from the very beginning, she knew that I wanted something, perhaps a little different from what other parents do.

“I also understand the reason why they do this. Everyone has their own reasons for loving or doing what they do,” Chrissy said.

It’s simple: Chrissy wore a pair of skinny black bike shorts and an oversized cardigan for a walk in the Los Angeles sun.
Family: Chrissy has four children with husband John Legend: seven-month-old daughter Luna, five-year-old son Miles, seven-month-old baby daughter Esty and two-month-old son Ren.

And she takes the same approach with her nannies, her security staff, and even her own mother.

The former Lip Sync Battle host did her research before going down the surrogacy route, spoke to families who had gone through the process, and said she was “just really glad it worked out the way it did.”

“It was very much like a village. It was very similar to how people in my mother’s family raised their children when they literally lived in the villages of Thailand,” Chrissy explained.

“There’s just such a sense of camaraderie around each other, warmth and love. I have never been one of those people who believes in hoarding all this love just for myself.

“I don’t get jealous when my children love or hug someone else. To me, more love is more love and that’s what I always wanted and it really worked for us. We are so lucky,” she said.

Chrissy and her husband John Legend have four children: seven-year-old daughter Luna, five-year-old son Miles, Esty and Ren.

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