Christina Aguilera on double standard on tour with Timberlake

The world has certainly made great strides in the treatment of female artists, but Christina Aguilera recalled how, not too long ago, things were far worse.

During an episode of the podcast Call Her Daddythe 42-year-old pop star – interviewed by Alex Cooper, recalled all the discrimination she had to suffer while touring with Justin Timberlake in 2003. “A double standard was being used,” said Christina Aguilera. “When I was on tour with Justin that year, there were some things that I just wondered about: why is he allowed it and I can’t? Do you understand what I mean?”

“I was always pushed into the background,” added Christina Aguilera. “Sometimes it was so inappropriate. The press often asked me about that period». Cooper agreed with the pop star, adding that “when a man and a woman do the same thing, one is the boy next door, the other is a bitch.”

Christina Aguilera: ‘I lost my virginity later than you might think’

In the past, Christina Aguilera has been a pioneer of the fierce expression of female sexuality, through her songs and video clips. Something she still highlights the importance of twenty years later (the singer recently launched her “sexual well-being” line, Playground). As society has evolved, Aguilera couldn’t help but remember how much she suffered slut shaming in her youth. Which she now finds somewhat amusing, since she said she lost her virginity “later than you might think.”

“What I wanted was to make songs that meant something to me and to my listeners. I felt the need to talk about anything,” continued Christina Aguilera. “And these things include sexuality too! I sensed that there was a lot of shame and fear around me on the subject. So I just wanted to create a safe space for everyone to come together,” she concluded.

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