Cinema nei Castelli arrives in Montegiardino

The traveling film festival Il Cinema nei Castelli, organized by the Cultural Institutes – Performing Arts, San Marino Cinema Section in collaboration with Giunte Di Castello, arrives in Montegiardino in Piazzetta Alceste Preda Ferri from Thursday 3 August with four films for the whole family. .

Thursday, August 3 (21:30) will be designed Rebel Spirit, a delightful film in which the most famous wild horse in American animated cinema returns, tamed and loved by a naughty girl. The film is not a remake or reboot of the Ghost Wild Horse prototype, but a cinematic version of the Spirit: Adventures Unleashed series produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Netflix. It tells the story of Lucky, left without a mother and raised by a loving Aunt Cora. Undisciplined and a bit wild, after another stunt, Lucky is led by Cora herself and her father Jim, who is sent to the Miradero border post to build a railroad. Between mountains, pastures and watery expanses, Lucky finally finds her dimension and is fascinated by Spirit, a fearless mustang that only she can tame. With Abigail and Pru making new friends, Lucky will save Spirit and his herd from the eyes of horse thieves and thus find an unexpected bond with his mother.

Friday 4 August Tolo Tolo, which Cecco Zalone, aka Luca Medici, this time is not only a translator and co-author of the script (together with Paolo Virzi), but also a director, and this shows because his directing is pyrotechnic and catchy, like his vis comedian, always ready to open a thousand windows in an ever interrupted discourse. In Tolo-Tolo (meaning “just one”) there is something for everyone: incompetent politicians with dizzying careers, migrants in love with design labels (poor quality), nostalgic Mussolini (because “we all have fascism inside, ready to appear like candida”) and philanthropists in favor of ethnic “infection”. In his comprehensive presentation of the average Italian and his recurring defects, Cecco flees the country “that haunts us”, prompting an immediate identification of the public.

saturday 5 august, Oh mom! A fascinating and spectacular musical born under the sign of Abba and Aphrodite. Sweet, cheerful, cheerful, sparkling. What more could you want from a musical? The setting is absolutely fantastic as Meryl Streep’s performance (with the help of the fantastic Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd) proves once again how perfect she is. Energetic, touching, with precise switches and hooks between acting and songs, more Shakespearean love comedy than vaudeville, this is a successful transposition of the musical of the same name on Broadway since 2001, with Abba plays from the 70s, the story of a bride who hopes to find out who of the three guests at the wedding, on a vibrant Greek island, is her father.

Sunday 6 August Maleficent, a Disney fairy tale/fantasy offering a different interpretation of Sleeping Beauty, where the main character is the powerful fairy Maleficent, played by the magical Angelina Jolie. Maleficent in this film is a complex figure with an incredibly human mindset: betrayed by her love Stefano, surrendering to the glory of becoming a king and filled with hatred, a powerful fairy casts a terrible spell on her daughter, Princess Aurora, but Maleficent will gradually understand that only this innocent little one can be loved girl. From a technical point of view, the film is simply perfect: superb and visionary cinematography with breathtaking imagery, thoughtful directing always attentive to the elevation of the characters on the screen, reflecting the landscape with their emotions, well-chosen music that accompanies magnificent images. film and skillful use of special effects.


In case of bad weather, the show is cancelled.

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