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She’s the diva next door. Starring in amazing blockbuster films, one of which, Avatarsis a record record in the history of cinema: almost three billion dollars – and small independent productions.. The translator is one of the most popular and beloved in Hollywood, but almost unrecognizable in her most famous roles.She is all blue and has a long ponytail in Cameron’s blockbuster when she dyes herself green to become Gamora, the heroine of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy saga. Maybe this too Zoe Saldana’s secret, the antidives despite being very. It is told without add-ons, openly and sincerely, with that freshness that becomes a very rare gift when you are part of a world similar to the world of a star system, where everything is planned and almost always different. It is also for this reason that she, along with her friend Nicole Kidman, decided to become a producer of the series, which now also sees her as a main character on Paramount +. Special operation: Lioness. She is a Marine, commanding a highly specialized female special unit., which infiltrates terrorist cells to sabotage them from within. “This sector really exists: when I found out about it, I was captured by the courage and determination of these women.”

The heroine she plays is dedicated to her mission. But she is also a wife and mother, and you can see all her frustrations in reconciling all aspects of her life.

“This is one of the things that captivated me the most. And also because many working women, including me, experience this feeling. I can say that this happens to me every day. You feel like you want to give 100% in everything, and so you have to give the impression that you want to give 100%, and at the same time, you want your family to know that you are putting them first. It’s not always easy.”

Do you think it’s harder for women?

“Yes, sure. The situation is changing, but there is still so much to be done. That’s why I think it’s very important to present the stories of women in power on the screen. And that’s also the reason why the further I advance in my career, the more I feel the need to dedicate myself to the creative side of project development. And not only in the interpretation of the role.

Is it possible to change society with the help of series and films?

“I am convinced of this also because for a long time everything remained in the hands of men alone. It is hoped that there will also be an increasing balance in cinema and that more and more powerful women who play an active role in today’s society will be told about it. The right thing to do is to portray a woman’s life in all its nuances: I think it’s good for women, not just men, to see that on screen. But I must say that I am also grateful to the men.”

“I mean all those who have felt compelled to finally represent women in a different way, finding themselves in the position of those who make decisions, those who have power. They have become an agent of change, and I think this is important. I say this as a mother of sons.”

She has two children with her husband, Italian Marco Perego (who just cast her in The Absence of Eden).

“I educate future men and I am convinced that they should learn from childhood what difficulties women have to face in order to establish themselves, how much more difficult it is to win the space they deserve. We talk about it a lot. For me, this is truly the most exciting challenge in my job over time.”

Actors and actresses are still treated differently today, even starting with their salary.

“Yes, that is what is still happening. But the system is changing a bit. The hard work of many women has enabled them to take positions of leadership from which it is possible to finally change the order of things. More and more often I have to work side by side with determined and strong women, and not just interpret them, and this is really inspiring. I think it’s our duty to focus on the fact that we all have different capabilities, and therefore, when a woman is in a leadership role, she must create opportunities and space for other women. That’s how things change.”

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