Cinnamon Benefits and Properties

this Cinnamon There is a long list characteristic and benefit for healthy.Discover guys Existence and how to incorporate it into your diet in infusion form.

this Cinnamon Is a spices Very common in is considered super food because of its multiple benefit for healthy people.when merging it into dietit is easy to distinguish Variety and know that you have too Contraindications.

How many types of cinnamon are there?

he pharmacist indicates that there are thousands Types of cinnamon, but only a few are used for commercial purposes.Generally there are four types Variety:

  1. ceylon cinnamon: also known as real cinnamon or ceylonfrom Sri is obtained from the bark of a tree Cinnamon.its best quality and higher cost.There is one Smooth taste and Sweet it comes from dun.
  2. Cinnamon Cassia: named after Chinese cinnamon it comes from trees Cinnamon.Very cheap Usually used for infusion.There is one strong aroma and a Dark and grows in the south China and thinks his quality More over low.
  3. Cinnamon Collinger: it’s known Indonesian cinnamonbut it also grows in comes from trees Yinxiang.yes affordable and similar cinnamon cinnamon.What makes it different is that smell farther Spicy and his color farther dark.
  4. Saigon Cinnamon: this vietnamese cinnamon yes expensive It’s all thanks to this tree cinnamon.his color yes dark brown and his strong flavor.

Benefits of Cinnamon

doctor Isabel Beloustegui channel account Youtube of Potential life span What are some of them benefit consumption Cinnamon For health:

  • Agree Digestion and gut health: Conducive to production gastric juice and rich in calcium, iron and fiber.
  • help control blood sugar: this Cinnamon stimulating receptors insulin and promote sugar transport Enters cells in the blood.Helps regulate blood sugarhe metabolism and fees vitality.
  • yes Anti-inflammatory (drug): Helps control chronic inflammation in the body.
  • yes Antioxidants: Protect the body from harm free radicals.
  • yes Antibacterial agents: he Cinnamic aldehydeorganic compounds, given Cinnamon Its characteristic flavor and aroma enable it to combat Virus, bacteria and bacteria.

Properties of cinnamon

this Cinnamon used for traditional medicine Since ancient times, for various disease and diseasebut it has other uses that have nothing to do with people’s health, as you can see in the list below characteristic:

  • respiratory system: helpful for treatment coldthis cough and bronchitis.
  • Digestion: aims to promote Digestion and avoid heaviness in stomach. Additionally, it reduces the following issues: acidity, nausea, Vomit and is also used as preservativefor pain colic and Intestinal candidiasis.
  • circulatory system: Reduce blood cholesterol, regulate blood sugar levelimproved cycle on the limbs and prevent heart disease.
  • Weight control: this Cinnamon can help you lose kilograms Because it is useful when controlling levels blood sugaravoid peaks insulin After eating and controlling sensations hunger.
  • brain health: improve memory and Cognitive function.Additionally, it helps alleviate Headachehave a positive impact mood and Relax body, helping you sleep better.
  • emmenagogue: Control related symptoms menstruation.
  • used as Fungicidealso Repellent Works on ants and other animals, from insects to small mammals.
  • Services for scar this Wound of floor behind prune.

Contraindications of cinnamon

he consume of Cinnamon It is safe in small amounts, but it is important to understand its Contraindications:

  • strength this Effect certain drug: If you are receiving treatment diabetesone should be careful while taking this spice as it can affect blood levels. blood sugar.It is recommended to consult an expert and review dose corresponding Beloustegui Caution is advised Hypoglycemicand also with statins for cholesterol and paracetamol.
  • it can generate respiratory problems: Inhale cinnamon powder In large quantities, it may result in cough, arcadeDifficulty breathing normally, pneumonia and even lung damage.
  • may result in liver damage: this Cinnamon There is a compound called coumarinespecially in terms of variety Cassiawhich may have a negative impact liver.

How to Prepare Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

Alberto Xanagustina family doctor and psychology graduate, explains how in the video below Prepare cinnamon tea Variety ceylon. The doctor pointed out, infusion One teaspoon should be taken cinnamon powder (2.5 grams) or one and a half teaspoons.Pour this amount into a 240 ml cup boiling waterstir and give ground About five to ten must Cover the container And, after the designated time, you can strain the mixture before serving.

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