City Power mobile diesel generator causes discomfort

Mobile diesel generators installed by City Power to power a vandalized mini-substation on the corner of West King and Alexander Streets in Windsor are causing significant distress to residents.

The generator came on on September 4, causing a deafening noise to homeowners, particularly on the Willows Estate, which is just meters away.

Resident Gillian Rosenberg said the generator is next to her room and they were told it would only take 48 hours to replace the substation.

City Power’s mobile diesel generator is located on the corner of West King Street and Alexander Street in Windsor. Photo: Mthulisi Lwazi Khuboni

“It was right outside my house – my doors and windows were closed all the time. I was allergic to the smoke that came out of there. I kept sneezing and coughing and had sinusitis. I went out to see friends and all the symptoms subsided and when It came back to me when I was home. “The noise is torture. “

City Power spokesman Isaac Mangena said they apologized to Windsor West End residents for the unfinished installation of the small substation. “We understand residents are frustrated with the noise from generators and the space they take up.
“Our aim is to restore power to all residents as quickly as possible using available resources. In this context, the Randburg Service Delivery Center has received numerous cases of theft and vandalism, including to cables, transformers and small substations. “These incidents threaten us infrastructure and drain our resources. “

Cables connect small substations to mobile diesel generators. Photo: Mthulisi Lwazi Khuboni

99th Ward Councilwoman Beverley Jacobs said she was grateful the city power company brought generators, but it was supposed to last a day or two and would not last more than four weeks.

“It will pollute the environment because it is not an ordinary household generator. “People here are fighting against air and noise pollution. “

She explained that given the cost of running generators, the entity could purchase small substation infrastructure to rehabilitate and build more substations.

A small electrical substation in Windsor’s west end was damaged. Photo: Mthulisi Lwazi Khuboni

Mangna confirmed that the small substation had limited inventory at the time of the incident at Windsor West Station.

“To restore power to residents, a generator was procured and installed. City Power understands its responsibility to its customers and is committed to keeping generators operating at cost.

“Meanwhile, a team has managed to procure a small substation and all the materials needed to replace it. The repair work will be completed by October 10,” he added.

Jacobs is also concerned about the financial impact the generators will have this fiscal year.

“We will feel this in the budget. The City of Joburg and City Power have said they don’t have the budget, but we are dealing with costs like this.”

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