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Angelina Jolie classic cleavage revisited in granny chic

Angelina Jolie focuses on the classics. Her wardrobe, full of impeccable dresses, designer shoes and luxe handbags (especially Valentino, Dior, Saint Laurent and Celine) in neutral and relaxing tones, has a timeless charm that you are unlikely to see her succumb to the latest fashion trends and trends. . . “Enjoying vintage” is one of her priorities in terms of style, as she herself has stated, so much so that she constantly changes into the same favorite clothes. In fact, instead of looking at what’s in fashion, even Jolie’s latest outfit takes a cue from the past. Spotted out in New York for dinner, the star was dressed in the finest clothes that you would normally find in your grandma’s closet, if you mean it in a positive way.

For Angelina Jolie, the accessories she pairs with the classic white trench coat add granny chic. Also favored by Katie Holmes and Kendall Jenner, her pointed-toe pumps with high but not-so-high heels have a retro sensibility. They are always elegant, make the outfit more discreet and never go out of style. But Angelina Jolie accentuated the classic cleavage with granny suggestions to wear them with impalpable nude tights. Invisible second-skin tights – once again in the celebrity spotlight – are not just for formal occasions, they can add style and sensuality as they enhance the look of the legs by minimizing imperfections. a look with modern touches like oversized aviator glasses, confirming the latest style icon of the granny chic style that Gen Z loves so much.

Classic granny chic

Our selection of pieces to replicate the look of Angelina Jolie with classic pumps and nude tights.

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