Cleaning Tips | The magic cleansing balm that is popular on Douyin

The magical cleansing balm that’s popular on DouyinPixel

Do you want a magical cleanser you can make at home? Well, what I bring to you here is the formula that is popular on Tik Tok.TikTok @yolandavaquitayoli demonstrates this Who are the experts on cleaning matters.

It is said to be a “super powerful” cleanser.and do this We need two tablespoons of soap flakes, six tablespoons of baking soda, and one tablespoon of toothpaste.

for all these mixes We add a little water to blend all the ingredients We put it on the boat.

To use it, We pour it directly onto the cloth We can use it to remove graffiti, oil stains and general dirt, marks and scuffs on doors, stains on radiators, and whiten walls, switches or wood. Additionally, it can remove scale from faucets and is suitable for slabs, granite, stainless steel and marble.

Additionally, it is also great for cleaning rubber. sneakers.

here you have Yolanda’s video:

Cleaning products are an important part of our daily lives and play a vital role in keeping homes, offices and public spaces clean and healthy.These products cover a wide range of A range of chemicals, appliances and tools designed to remove dirt, bacteria and stains from surfaces, and has become the basis of modern society. Below, we’ll explore the importance of cleaning products, their types, and their common uses.

importance ofCleaning products lie in their ability to eliminate germs and bacteria, Reduce health risks and improve quality of life. Keeping surfaces, utensils and spaces clean is critical to preventing the spread of disease, especially in shared settings such as hospitals, schools and offices. Hygiene and cleanliness are essential to prevent infection and disease.


cleaning products Can be divided into several categories According to its use and application:

Household Cleaning Products: These Products Includes all-purpose cleaner, Laundry detergents, disinfectants, glass cleaners, degreasers and air fresheners. They are essential in keeping your home and its surfaces clean and fresh.

Industrial cleaning products: Industrial environments such as factories and warehouses, They require specific cleaning products to deal with industrial dirt and residue. This may include chemicals and specialized equipment.

Commercial Cleaning Products: These Products They are used in public places, Such as restaurants, hotels, offices and retail stores. These include products for cleaning floors, bathrooms and common areas.

Personal care and hygiene products: This includes hand sanitizer, Shampoos, body washes and other personal care and hygiene products.

Green cleaning products: more and morepeople are looking for greener alternatives and health to clean their homes. Green cleaning products use natural, biodegradable ingredients instead of harsh chemicals.

Active ingredients

cleaning productsThey often contain multiple active ingredients Designed to solve specific cleaning problems. These ingredients may include:

detergent: detergent They are agents that break the surface tension of water, Allow the grease and dirt particles to mix with the water. This makes it easier to remove dirt from surfaces and fabrics.

Disinfectants: Disinfectants contain chemicals that kill or inactivate harmful microorganisms, Such as bacteria and viruses. They are essential for the hygiene of spaces that require a high level of cleanliness.

Solvent: Solvents are used to remove stains, grease and sticky residue on the surface. They can be used to clean specific areas.

Abrasive: Abrasive They are fine particles that help remove dirt and rust on hard surfaces such as stainless steel and ceramics.

Perfumes and fragrances:Cleaning products often contain fragrances Leaves a fresh and pleasant scent after cleaning.

Choosing the right cleaning product depends on the specific cleaning needs and the surface to be treated. Additionally, it is important to follow product instructions and take appropriate safety measures, For example, wear gloves and ensure the work area is ventilated.

Last few years, There is a growing interest in green and sustainable cleaning products. These products are designed to reduce environmental impact and exposure to corrosive chemicals. They use natural, biodegradable ingredients and recyclable packaging, making them more environmentally friendly and healthy.

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