Cleaning Tips | Three Tips to Make Your Clothes Come Cleaner from the Washing Machine

Three tips to make your clothes come out cleaner from the washing machineOscar Malva/Shutterstock

if your washing machine It was drama at home, no surprise.This device is one of the most commonly used in homes because it it makes life easier It saves us a lot of time and money.If you want to extend the life of your washing machine, you must do thisTake care of her and pamper her.


Keeping it clean is not only obvious; will help protect your clothing, But it will also help you with its different programs.This way you will achieve extend your life washing machine but also from you clothing, Because you will give him the best treatment.

To achieve this goal, you must follow these three Skill:

1. Make good use of the washing machine

Perhaps the most important thing is to understand how the device works in order to get the most out of it. To do this, it doesn’t hurt to dust it off. manualwhich allows us to understand and optimize this washing machine. Understanding the purpose of each program will allow us to take full advantage of all the features it offers us.

It is generally recommended to clean your washing machine, including the detergent and fabric softener chambers, once a month. Doors and rubber parts should also be cleaned using non-abrasive products.usually recommended Let a loop run empty, without clothing There is hot water inside. The truth is, washing machines also require a little maintenance to function properly and extend their lifespan.

2. Do not overload the washing machine

For excellent results it is recommended Do not overload the washing machine. if you wear too many clothes The drum will not rotate properly And it may not be 100 percent effective. If we load small clothes into the machine, it will also damage the balance of the drum, so it is better to mix clothes of different sizes, for example by introducing towels. The same thing happens if we just wash a large blanket or duvet.

It is also important that after using the washing machine we leave the drum door open so that So it’s dry inside. In this way, we prevent the accumulation of moisture, which always favors the emergence of bacteria. This way we can help eliminate the bad smells left behind by some washing machines.

3. Check whether there is water leakage

If your washer is acting strangely or you think it’s stopped washing like it used to, check for leaks.Usually leaks are discovered quickly because they flow outside and leave puddles, but sometimes Leaks may be small and go unnoticed. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the hose. If we find an easy-to-fix error, such as a poor fit, we can fix it ourselves.

On the other hand, if we discover a more complex situation, it is better to call a technician.

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