Climate change drives conjunctivitis epidemic in Asia

A conjunctivitis epidemic Affecting hundreds of thousands of people vietnam, india and pakistan. Experts say this may be due to the intense heatwaves and rainfall that have affected the Asian continent in recent months.

The health authorities of the above-mentioned countries assure that contagious viruses that cause troublesome diseases thrive in the following environments: high humidity, and ways to stop its spread are being sought.

worrisome epidemic

It is reported science alert, In September, schools in Vietnam, India and Pakistan had to close to curb conjunctivitis infections.During the same period, in Authorities in India’s Punjab province reported 13,000 people The number of infections in one day and There were 86,000 new ones in the month.

On the other hand, in Pakistan So far, there have been almost 400,000 infectionsand in Vietnam 63,000an increase of 15% from the previous month.

“Many types of viruses can cause conjunctivitis, including COVID-19. However, that 75% of these cases are caused by adenovirus. Particularly in Pakistan, a highly contagious strain of the virus has emerged,” said Isabelle Jabot, an ophthalmologist at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Currently, there is no cure for conjunctivitis, so affected people must wait one to two weeks until their immune system defeats the pathogen.the worst conditional case can lead to Causes permanent damage to vision.

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