Clothes Wrinkles, Spot Concealer, Glow Toner, Cellulite

Evoto is one of the most efficient artificial intelligence retouching programs on the market, especially suited for batch retouching jobs where results are highly controlled. A few months ago we published our first tutorial where you could see how it works: This is how Evoto works

In the following tutorials you can see all the new features introduced in Evoto, they are important new features including:

  1. can be easily changed interface language and choose from many new languages, including Spanish
  2. eliminate clothes wrinkles
  3. Remove oil from face.It’s new and in beta, but you can access it from the program itself without loading the beta version
  4. concealer brush Delete elements from the image or clone elements of your choice.It’s located next to the Liquify tool in the top toolbar
  5. eliminate Freckles and Cellulite

One of the features that makes working very efficient is that all modifications made to the image can be saved as presets for future use.

Download and get 30 free points

Evoto is free to download and can be used without restrictions, but if you want to export your retouched photos, you must purchase a points package, 1 point for 1 export of retouched photos.

If you download the program from the following link, you will receive 30 free points, which you can use to retouch and export 30 photos:

30 free points

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