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We are in a state of normalcy: concerts (Coldplay, Menskin and many others) and springboards for those who want to do dirty business on the passion of fans (discovered over two million illegal profit tours). But there is a way to combat barbaric scalping…

AleThat concert machine jams up and you point your finger at it general broker, The story is now known, but worth telling. it’s one step awayColdplay’s Italian Debut (In Naples, hundreds eventually vacated, and then Milan), but includes visiting Blanco, Menskin, Vasco Rossi and how many others. A group of suspicious people have been discovered, Housewives and students on targetwho, with precise tips, such as false names and tax codes, or the decency of tobacco sellersthey managed to pocket the needle 15,000 tickets to be resold at inflated prices (up to ten times more), painting Illegitimate profit of more than 2.5 million euros. protest, doubt, The crisis of the secondary ticket does not forgive, with all due respect (to say) to the many enthusiasts who have been left empty handed, who find themselves wandering between sites and social announcements to get hold of the same tickets brought back to the market. but there is a way to stop it Far West from bootlegging ticket race?

first of all it will help tightening of rules and norms, Legit platforms should further refine their software to profile fake scalpers to put them out of business. Furthermore, it has already been speculated that managers verify the names of anyone set to enter live shows; However, in reality, These controls are very rare (if non-existent), especially when the line hits the turnstile to enter.

That time? There’s more to combating the ticket black market: SecuTix blockchain technology, Ed Sheeran was the first (successful) test bed, and it’s already been adopted by most major sporting events Of the World. In fact, SECUTIX’s TIXNGO mobile ticketing solution (Paper purchases not included) Eliminates the risk of counterfeit stamps and makes it easy to transfer or resell between fans. in particular, the creation a single ticketEncrypted and fully traceable to smartphones, inextricably linked to the identity of the buyer, which can be safely downloaded, transferred or assigned. But are we sure that the main promoters should experiment with it? ,continues…,

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