Colds and “Sacyl Conecta” defects cause delays in primary school

Increases in influenza and respiratory infections are of greater concern in health centers than in inpatient wards.

Some preliminary consultations provided yesterday Appointments within 11 “actual” days (8 working days) The hospital floor occupancy rate is 84%.

The latest announcement from Health Sentinel Network shows that, Influenza cases increased from 134 to 207 last week, although the network itself details that this is “low intensity.” The problem is, it’s not just the flu that’s spreading. The same is true for many cold-related viruses, leading to an incidence rate of 1,508 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

“Emergency emergencies and hospital admissions due to respiratory infections have doubled in the last week. The increase occurred across all ages, but especially among people over 75.tripled,” the Junta of Castile and León reported.

More than one-third of patients’ appointments with their GP are due to respiratory infections (flu, COVID-19, common cold, etc.). Making an appointment with the family doctor this week has become an impossible task for two reasons.The first one is because There are many needs.The second reason is because The Sacyl app still doesn’t offer all available appointments on the doctor’s agenda. Several family doctors in the capital explained to this newspaper: “I confirmed that there are spaces in tomorrow’s schedule, but apparently the app does not offer appointments for several days.”

They noted from primary care management that according to their system the longest delay was Find free space on all doctors’ agendas across the province for no more than 72 hoursbut the user experience is different.

January 15

What’s the earliest date the Sacyl app can give you a doctor’s appointment? Our professionals requested an appointment with their GP for testing on the morning of Wednesday, January 3.The result goes Starting today – Thursday – appointments at Miguel Armijo and Cabrerisoseven the farthest distance January 15 at Sancti Spiritus Wellness Center. During this period, the most repeated date was the match between La Alamedilla and Cabajosa on January 11. Other earlier options include Garrido Norte (January 8), Doñinos (January 8), San Juan (January 9) and Castellanos de Moriscos (January 9). Official sources pointed out that all these centers are available for a few hours before the dates are provided. This newspaper confirmed that some first-try consultations were not available until the 11th, and a few hours later they had been offered appointments for January 4th.

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