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Saturday, September 2, 2023 at 2:39 pm


The Minister of Health of the Colima State Government reiterated that the risk of acute diarrheal disease increases by up to 40% during the hot and rainy season, mainly affecting children under five years old and adults over 60 years old.

The national agency, led by Martha Janeth Espinosa Mejía, noted that during this period, gastrointestinal infections due to viruses, bacteria and parasites that attack the stomach and intestines The number of road diseases has increased by 30%.

Diarrhea is the most common condition at this time, although there are some uncomfortable conditions such as heartburn, hyperacidity, constipation and reflux, due to the process of breaking down contaminated food that is accelerated when exposed to heat, he added .

Likewise, he said, after a rain you must use safe water, wash your hands frequently, do not defecate in any body of water, and eat safe food: you must boil, poach, peel, and clean. Proceed in a safe manner, avoiding flooding or polluted water bodies.

In addition, he reviews the importance of cooking, refrigerating and covering foods (mainly fish and shellfish) correctly; using different utensils for raw and cooked food; eating cooked food; open air.

He noted that most gastroenteritis and diarrhea are caused by viruses, so self-medication and, most importantly, antibiotics should be avoided.


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