Common flu rebounds in Port of Veracruz, they say

Marcelo Rodríguez Andrade, medical director of Covadonga Hospital, said respiratory illnesses have increased in the Veracruz region but are linked to common flu symptoms. He noted that there have been cases of COVID-19, but they were smaller and they did not require hospitalization, similar to cases of influenza.

He believes vaccinations against both viruses could help reduce the impact of the disease. “It’s true that there’s more rhinovirus, which is the most common virus for influenza, but there’s no trend compared to COVID-19 or influenza. Fortunately, the availability of vaccines for both diseases goes a long way toward preventing this from happening. Big help.”

In any case, he noted that in case of complications during respiratory illness, it is recommended to visit a doctor, undergo diagnostic tests and receive appropriate treatment, and in case of minor discomfort, it is recommended to rest and take precautions to stop contagion..

“If you find yourself with a flu-like illness, a fever over 38 degrees, a runny nose, and a cough, you should see your GP and get checked out. (It’s important to take) Vitamins A, B and C, but when they are sick When you have the flu, it does have a preventative effect; (…) If there are large crowds and there are no problems, use a mask.”

Winter causes an increase in respiratory-related diseases, so be extra careful when facing changes in temperature.

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