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Communications networks collapsed in Gaza, which was plunged into darkness due to Israel cutting off electricity and not allowing fuel to enter.

“Live network data shows that internet connectivity has collapsed in the Gaza Strip, which is under intense bombardment,” London-based internet monitoring company Netblocks said in a statement.

The Palestinian telecommunications company Jawwal said: “We regret to announce that all means of communication and the Internet with the Gaza Strip have been completely cut off.”

“The bombs destroyed all the channels.”

The written statement issued by the company stated: “The intense bombing during the past hour destroyed all international channels linking Gaza to the outside world.”

Ooredoo Telecommunications Company, operating in Palestine, also announced a complete interruption of mobile phone services in the Gaza Strip, as of Friday evening.

Sources from the Palestinian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology reported that there was a sudden cessation of services from the Gaza Strip for an unknown reason.

Scottish Prime Minister: We cannot reach our family

Scottish Prime Minister Hamza Yousaf, who has part of his family in Gaza, noted in his post on the social media platform

Scottish Prime Minister: We can only pray they survive the night. “How many more children must die before the world says enough is enough?” He said.

“The most violent air attacks”

It is noteworthy that the Israeli army carried out the heaviest air strikes on the besieged Gaza Strip since October 7. (AA-Reuters)

release date: 20:18, 27 October 2023

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