Complete flu and COVID-19 vaccinations at home

This Friday, the first phase of the influenza and COVID-19 vaccination campaign in the province of Ourense ends. The first to receive double immunization are users of 162 social and health centers.

The campaign targets a total of 6,175 residents, 1,000 more than in 2022, which adds to the complexity of this phase as it involves a large number of centres, is geographically dispersed and the group sizes are very large. On Friday, the vaccination team completed the first round of vaccinations, but they will return to their homes to vaccinate those who, due to health reasons or hospitalization, are unable to receive a shot when health workers visit the centre.

Vaccination campaigns against coronavirus and influenza are ongoing, with priority given to high-risk groups. Therefore, the next phase will start this Monday, the 9th, for people who are immobilized at home and for users who remain in their residences. Josefa Rodríguez Araujo, coordinator of the Ourense Movement, estimates that the vaccination rate for this group will be around 90%, a figure that will reach around 90% after the social and health centers resume this period It’s hard to beat as more than 700 people have contraindications. From your health.

The next phase is the vaccination of people over 80 years old (33,500 Ourense residents), which will take place from October 16 to the end of the year in health centers, hospitals and Expourense in the regional capital.

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