Conjunctivitis increases in Tamaulipas; affects women more Millennium Group

Conjunctivitis cases surge in Tamaulipas since late September There are 37,000 056 people Those who get sick from it.

As of the 39th week of this year, the number of registrations has increased by 13,620 compared to the same period last year. 2022According to the epidemiological bulletin from the Ministry of Health, the number of confirmed cases that day was 23,436. an increase of 58.1%.

Found only in the last week of September 989 cases of conjunctivitis Women are the most affected gender, with a total of 19,918 records.

The federal government’s Department of Health detailed in its statistical report that there were 17,138 confirmed cases in the male population.

What is conjunctivitis?

This disease includes inflammation or Infect covered membrane eyelid The white part of the eye is called the conjunctiva and is treated depending on the cause.

possible allergicwhen it goes away on its own, or bacteria when antibiotic medication is needed.

this October 12° commemorate world vision dayThe aim is to raise awareness about the importance of eye care.

Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the transporting membranes covering the eyes and eyelids (via Twitter @imssjalcontigo).

On this date we seek to inform different ways of avoiding complete loss of vision Avoid visual impairment, which occurs regardless of gender, although the prevalence is highest among 50 years or more.

Approximately 2.2 million people in the world suffer from some type of disease visual impairment anyone blindnessAccording to the World Health Organization.

Conjunctivitis is considered one of the most common eye diseases.reason inflammation and redness The inside of the eyelids and the whites of the eyes.

symptoms and causes

Some symptom They include red, itchy, watery eyes, white, yellow, or green fluid, crusting, eyelid inflammation, blurred vision, and more.

this reason According to the Department of Health, acute conjunctivitis is usually caused by viruses or bacteria, but viruses are the most common.

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