Conjunctivitis is one of the main summer eye infections

The arrival of summer means a change in our daily activities. The beach, the pool, the sun or frequent use of fans and air conditioners can seriously affect the health of our eyes, but what are the main infections we get in summer? How do they affect our short and long term vision?

Amoebas, bacteria and/or infectious diseases that can affect our eyes coexist in seawater and pool water. Detecting an eye infection is usually easy because one of the main symptoms is eye discomfort and itching.

Too often trying to cool down means we don’t consider the risks to our eyes from exposure to polluted water. Diving or diving without protection increases the risk of contagion, but while we believe that there is nothing wrong with keeping your eyes open underwater, the reality is different.

The eye area is very sensitive and is more prone to changes during summer if its health is not properly cared for. Therefore, Vissum Miranza, the leading group of ophthalmologists in Spain, recalls the importance of protecting vision during summer and stresses the need to respect ophthalmic recommendations.

Dr. Alejandra Amesty reviews the importance of being prepared and considering eye health, and suggests that despite precautions, we should enjoy summer.

Just as we take care of our skin in the face of the dangers of the sun, we must not forget our eyes, and we must take the same precautions and care to avoid infection.

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