Consultation on Possible Pediatric Malpractice

“Hi good afternoon, last Wednesday we took my very sick child to the clinic…the doctor who attended to him had him take a plate and diagnosed him with acute Bronchitis, also don’t know if this is an acute bronchitis, virus or bacteria.

He told us to go home and manage the situation ourselves, if we didn’t feel well when we came back and the baby got worse after we got home, we called the emergency responders who sent an ambulance based on the symptoms we told him Enter yellow alert when the doctor comes.

He checked and we told him it was saturated (91 was saturated), didn’t see the plate, he was diagnosed with pneumonia, he asked to be transferred to (nursing home), he arrived very ill and ended up in the Pharmacology Center In intensive care comatose until Monday, today we are leaving the Highlands. what else can we do? “

Malpractice and Legal Advice

Obtain complete copies of all your child’s medical records, including diagnostic reports, treatment and doctor’s notes. This can be helpful if they need to seek legal advice in the future. Clinical history, which is a right to ask.

It is always a good idea to speak directly with the primary physician who is treating your child. Express your concerns and ask why there are differences in diagnosis and treatment.

If you believe that medical malpractice has negatively affected your child’s health, you may wish to speak with a medical attorney to evaluate your legal options and decide whether legal action is appropriate for your situation.

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