Conte is inspired by Shakira, makes great progress in GDP and forgets about the pandemic: these reports do not add up

“He’s too cute” College Ghislieri From Paviawhat am I glad about, student since then 1993this expression was used to refer to a student – usually a freshman – who exceeded in awkward humor with the unsuccessful goal of arousing at least some sympathy in the interlocutor. Well, the former prime minister Joseph With you “he’s too cute” with twisted and misguided metaphors about Italy’s economic growth trends: these beautiful metaphors—perhaps on the advice of the excellent Rocco Casalino—do not resonate well with the singer’s automobile insults. Shakira against ex boyfriend Piquéwhich would replace ferrari she likes with a new girl compared to one Twingo.

According to the untold Conte’s statement, later re-proposed in tweet form: instead, his government would have kept Meloni in government – with all due respect to Draghi’s government, which is temporarily between the two countries. – “(…) Italy that ran like a Ferrari (…)” and “(…) today we have a pedal-controlled bike.

The +11% of GDP over the 2021-2022 biennium resulting from our measures is a faded memory. With Meloni in the second quarter of this year -0.4% of GDP.” I confess, when I read this vociferous post by Conte, I laughed out loud in public and then politely commented – again on X/Twitter – that reading it caused all the lyrics to spontaneously combust. macroeconomics in my office and also some text microeconomicsfrom the common sense of scientific-disciplinary solidarity.

The reason will be given shortly: the leader of the 5 Star Movement rejoiced, not to mention the fact that in 2020 – due to the pandemic, quarantine and various restrictive measures taken by your own government – Italy’s gross domestic product fell 8.9%, so the vaunted 11% GDP explosion over the next two years was nothing more than a very small Ferrari-like recovery to make up for the previous crash.

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