Continental Judge: what’s wrong with her mask and face?

Continental airing in the US in September 2023, is a prequel to the events we already know from the world of John Wick. We learn what the Continental Hotel looked like in the 70s and the backstory of some of the main characters revolving around it. How Winston Scott gains control of the Continental, keeping Charon as his right-hand man, and the war that leads to a new order. However, another interesting character came into the spotlight: the judge, a woman wearing a mask that hides half of her face. Viewers were curious about her story: what do we know about her? Let’s find out the available information.

Continental Judge: what’s wrong with her mask and face?

The Judge is one of the most mysterious characters in the world. Continentalprequel series from the world of John Wick: She is played by Irish actress Katie McGrath, and half of her face is hidden by a special porcelain mask.

Fans have shown great interest in the Judge’s story, especially after that iconic scene in Continental Episode 2, where she takes off her mask in front of Cormac, disgusting him. We don’t see her face, so we don’t know what’s behind the mask, but this short episode quickly created a myth of sorts around the judge and her story. Peacock’s Twitter profile shared the scene in anticipation of the second installment. Continental: You can watch it below. “Note: Never eat in front of a judge,” the caption reads.

What story is hidden behind the mask and face of the judge in Continental? Unfortunately, nothing has been revealed yet by either the director, the director, or the series itself. We know that the Judge is a stable character in the John Wick universe: he serves as an intermediary between the Continental and the High Table, deciding who controls the hotel. In John Wick 3, the judge is the one who tells Winston Scott that he will have to resign as general manager of The Continental after he helped John Wick. In the film, the heroine was played by American actress Asia Kate Dillon. You can see them in this clip.

After this scene in Continental Part 2, many theories have appeared on social networks. We now know that the Judge hides a hideous face behind a porcelain mask, and she doesn’t mind using the effect of her true face when necessary, as she does while Cormac is eating. She’s likely hiding a nasty scar around her mouth, but we don’t know much about it since the character’s backstory has yet to be revealed. Someone came up with an interesting theory: since the series is set in the 70s, and the judge mentions “looting” and “bloodline eradication” as things that motivated history’s greatest survivors to act, someone theorized that the judge might have developed an idea scar from World War II, possibly fighting the Nazis. Of course, this is just a theory; No other hints point in this direction, but this is already a fascinating look at the matter.

But one thing is for sure: the Judge is one of the most interesting and promising characters in The Continental and the John Wick universe. To the point that series director Albert Hughes admitted in an interview with NBC that he would like to make an episode or a whole film about the role of the judge. In his opinion, a judge “is a bloodline. Like the royal family. You must be born into it and trained in it; you are not invited to be a judge.” According to this view, this role is inherited from parents to children, generation after generation. The film that Albert Hughes wants to make will take place in the 30s, and the judge in those years will be the grandmother of the person we see in the film. Continental. This would be another idea for a John Wick spin-off after the film The Continental and the Ballerina with Ana de Armas, which will be released in 2024.

We will keep you updated with any new information about the judge, her face, mask and her history in the universe John Wick And Continental. In the meantime, let’s see if the third part of “Continental” will give us more clues. To learn more about The Continental, you can find out the location of the hotel itself in the article below.

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