‘Continue treatment’: Holy See statement on Pope Francis suffering from bronchitis

The Vatican issued a statement on Saturday updating information on Pope Francis’ health.

“Father has no fever and continues to receive appropriate treatment (for the bronchitis he has). He is improving”designated the Holy See.

The 86-year-old Argentine pope was forced to give up the Angelus from the window of the Apostolic Palace in St. Peter’s Square “to avoid being affected by changing temperatures,” according to a Vatican spokesman.

also, It was learned a few days ago that the top leader of the Catholic Church has given up traveling to Dubai to attend COP28 (the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference).

“Although the Pope’s overall clinical condition of influenza and respiratory inflammation has improved, doctors have asked the Pope not to travel to Dubai as planned in the coming days”said Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni.

“Pope Francis has accepted the doctor’s request with great regret and therefore the trip has been cancelled”Bruni pointed out.

The pope, who underwent surgery to remove part of his lung as a young man, is due to speak in the United Arab Emirates on Saturday.

Francis has led the world’s more than 1.3 billion Catholics since 2013, He has experienced increasing health problems over the past year, ranging from persistent pain in his right knee to a recent hospitalization for bronchitis.

The events have fueled speculation that he may choose to retire rather than stay in office for life; a decision made by his predecessor, Benedict XVI.

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