Cordoban smokers over 18 will be able to get flu vaccine

this Military Government of AndalusiaAlready decided Expand risk groups to those made up ofVaccination in front of influenzaLooking forward to the next one Immunization campaign be expected to Begins in the region on October 16thalthough the date is yet to be confirmed.

A source from the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) said on Monday, This year they will be included for the first time as Likely recipients of influenza vaccine smoker 18 years and overbecause they may suffer complications if they contract the virus.

Lower age for vaccination

Additionally, these sources state In Andalusia, age for flu and coronavirus vaccinations lowered Coronavirus, Well, if the dosage was previously recommended for people over 65starting from the next event, recommended for people over 60 years old.

Vials containing COVID-19 vaccines.

Apart from, Children aged 6 to 59 months will continue to receive the flu vaccinea measure introduced last year, among other measures Common risk groups (Chronic disease patients, pregnant women, social health professionals, etc.).

On this topic, the Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs, Catalina Garciarecalled that it expected to be able to start vaccinations against influenza and COVID-19 on October 16 will depend on the arrival of enough vaccines Anti-coronavirus.

A nurse administers flu and COVID-19 vaccines to a man.

“The Ministry of Health was originally going to send some vaccines, but that was reduced because there was only one supplier in Europe, but it would be around October 16. We’ll know the date this week“, he explained, warning that delays could occur due to the lack of two suppliers at European level. However, he noted that Flu and COVID vaccinations are available “from the last week of September to the last week of October“.

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