Cotton and does not fit true to size

this corduroy, continues to be a fashion-conquering garment this season. While jeans do become our ally this time of year, corduroy pants aren’t far behind and are perfect with a shirt too.

Not only is it a timeless fabric, but you should also know that it’s perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Corduroy clothing is warm, delicious and perfect for keeping out the cold, plus, They add a vintage feel to any look.

10 stylist tips for 65-year-olds to help you look your best in winter


(In this video, we show you 10 stylist tips for those over 65 years old to make the most of yourself in winter. Don’t miss them! Now, we reveal to you all the details about corduroy pants, these Corduroy pants have stolen our hearts this fall and winter).

At CLARA we keep up with fashion trends and browsing the Cortefiel website we discovered super stylish and elegant corduroy pants, The brand is already discounting ahead of Black Friday. Below we give you all the details about corduroy pants that will catch your eye. record!

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