Could Henry Cavill Return To The DC Universe In A Role Other Than Superman? Answers James Gunn

Henry Cavill wrapped up his Superman era on the 2022 finale, but could there still be room for him in the new DCU?

That in the DC Universe there will be no more room for Henry Cavill’s Superman is now known history. The parable of the DCEU is nearing completion, while that of the new DC Universe will open with the first chapter Gods and Monsters announced last January. James Gunn has made it clear that the films and TV series already revealed do not cover even half of the projects to come and most of these new films and new DC Studios shows are still a long way from the start of filming. A project a little later in the works, with Gunn himself writing, is the TV series for HBO Max Commandos creatures. And it is precisely to this particular project that some rumors concerning Henry Cavill are linked. There Twitter page Home of DCU shared a report that the former Superman may be a part of Commandos creatures as the voice of Frankenstein.

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Man of Steel. Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures, Syncopy Films

James Gunn already has his own Frankenstein for Creature Commandos and no, it’s not Henry Cavill

Called into question by the same Twitter page above, James Gunn spoke directly to the question and the answer leaves no room for interpretation. No, won’t be Henry Cavill voicing the character of Frankenstein in Commandos creatures. “It’s completely false” Gunn commented. “We have our Frankenstein – our first choice – and it’s not Henry. We never talked to him.”. Not only will Cavill not have any role in the new series, there has never even been a discussion about it.

The fact is that Henry Cavill fans have not resigned and it is not certain that the actor cannot have a new part in the DC Universe in the future. Shortly after the announcement of The Authority fans have imagined Cavill in the role of Apollo and, again, someone has speculated as a plausible role that of Jor-El in Superman: Legacies. After all, it was once again James Gunn who ensured that there was no bad blood between DC Studios and the British star. We’ll see.

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Man of Steel. Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures, Syncopy Films

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