COVID-19 rebound in Spain despite flu showing more serious picture

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In May, the World Health Organization (WHO) no longer declared the coronavirus a global health emergency given the low incidence of severe cases.

But the absence of the new coronavirus on the world emergency list does not mean that it is gone, because the virus continues to spread.

Infections continue to occur, and although outbreaks have been contained and reduced thanks to vaccines, experts still call for caution.

In Spain, coronavirus cases have risen slightly in recent days, despite health workers reassuring and reassuring that symptoms are generally mild.

Taking off the mask undoubtedly increased the mobility in summer, which meant an increase in the number of infections.

In addition, immunity from vaccines has been reduced because, as Carlos Montalvá (from SEMERGEN) recalled at Cadena SER, the last batches of vaccines were given to the most vulnerable “a year ago”.

People over 60, the group most at risk of contracting the virus, have been prioritized by vaccination campaigns, but the last boost was about a year ago and defenses have weakened, so infections are rising in hospitals and health centers.

Those conditions are generally milder than those during the pandemic, Montalva said.

Health data on incidence remains low at less than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but since self-diagnoses are no longer counted, only people over 60 receiving health care are counted.

But even without counting them, the rise in cases is to be appreciated, as many pharmacies are seeing increased sales of COVID-19 test kits, in some cases by 200%.

Flu cases more worrying

But for Montalva, flu cases deserve more attention now because “more severe cases” are happening.

The number of flu patients has also increased in recent weeks, although not a typical time for the virus to spread.

It also warns that more serious cases, which may even require antibiotic treatment, may occur.

Epidemiologists advocate resuming vaccination campaigns in the fall and matching flu shots with COVID-19 shots among the most vulnerable.

Currently, the increase in cases has not translated into an increase in ICU admissions, as hospital saturation in this area remains very low.

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