CR7: Marcelo Ebrard was inspired by listening to Cristiano Ronaldo

andHis political career last month was indeed complicated Marcelo Ebrard CasaubonFormer Minister of Foreign Affairs, attempted to become national coordinator of the Fourth Transformation Defense Council, which formed an alliance between the National Renewal Movement (MORENA), the Labor Party (PT) and the Green Ecological Party of Mexico (PVEM). ) and decided to withdraw from the contest on the same day the contest winner was announced.

Ebrard denounced multiple irregularities committed by the team of the former head of government in Mexico City, who in his assessment emerged as the winner of this internal process, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo was upset and withdrew from the race, demanding that the process be reinstated and raising questions with the ruling party’s Honor and Justice Commission.

Electoral Court rejects Marcelo Ebrard’s claim against Morena

Marcelo Ebrard’s fiasco

Last Wednesday, Ebrard’s presidential aspirations suffered another heavy blow. Federal Electoral Tribunal for the Judiciary (TEPJF) He declared that the Morena Honesty and Justice Commission’s omissions did not exist because, according to the judiciary’s comments, his challenge had been responded to although it had not been responded to at the time the complaint was filed.

Faced with this situation, Ebrard did not give up, however, the way he continued to fight was, in a way, strange, as he shared on his TikTok account that he was listening to a character of audio to feel motivated to keep going. Distant Mexican electoral process, Portuguese football players, cristiano ronaldo.

Inspiring words from Cristiano Ronaldo

‘Remember, you have to put in all the effort, you’re motivated, you’re thinking’mistake‘;Always thinking of ‘El Bicho’ who never gave up”, this is the audio Ebrard presented on his social networks with the voice of CR7.

Marcelo Ebrard and Cristiano Ronaldo.

We’ll see what the future holds for Marcelo Ebrard in this successful game Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador However, as Mexico’s president, his perseverance alone is as commendable as the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

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