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The film starts and immediately the villa where most of the scenes take place takes us back to the summer when we kids were taken to similar mansions that belonged to friends of friends. The identification mechanism works, but also location game. Where is that summer, so similar to ours? The answer is contained in the inscription that appeared at the beginning, apparently misleading: “Somewhere in Northern Italy.” Guadagnino doesn’t seem to want to reveal too much to us, but right after that they hear mention of Montodina, Creme and Moscazzano. Perhaps with this initial and vague geographic allusion, the director wanted to warn us that beauty is here, but it could be somewhere else. Because Italy is the well-known storehouse of surprises. And, above all, we understand that we are in the vast and beautiful countryside surrounding Crema. If you are from Milan and love contemplative off-road biking, this is not the place to stay. There Po Valley to those who don’t know how to look at it, it seems boring and the same, the area of ​​Cremona is the most beautiful for us because of its asymmetry, the promises that give us its forests that become walls, its waterways, its farmhouses, its shrines abandoned by their sinister stories. When we realized that the film was set in this paradise, we inevitably identified with that summer. We concentrated on each frame to see where we recognized the places. Frantic work with Google Earth followed, at the end of which we determined Villa Albergoni in Moscazzano Where are the main characters Pandino war memorialwhere they state quarantine fountain, lake reflection and even restaurant where the crew would go for lunch during filming. However, we did not find a stone bathtub inspired by the typical farm animal troughs where Elio and Oliver splash in the afternoon heat. We learned that it was built specifically for the film and demolished shortly after. Even the peach and apricot trees that frame many of the scenes were planted for scenario reasons. However, this hunt for “Call Me By Your Name” locations seems to have spread quite a bit: many foreigners (apparently many Chinese and Koreans) who love the film began to look for places where the passion of the two main characters reaches its limit, so The municipality of Crema has created special maps and an audio guide.. But our itinerary goes beyond the scenery: it is a ring that takes into account the land of the embankments, which can tell a lot, starting from its origins, in the 6th century, in the center of the legendary Gerundian lake, a swampy area fed by the waters of Moso, Adda and Serio, in the center of which was the island of Fulcheria, where Crema stands today (a term that probably comes from the Lombard word Crem, rise). A city was built on this island to protect against barbarian incursions; but all around were fortified villages with towers, some of which have survived to this day and characterize the landscape. Since there were methane gas vapors that caused the fires, the local population decided that a dragon named Tarantasio lived here, who killed children. This dragon would have been killed by the progenitor of the Visconti: for this reason, the emblem of this family (and Alfa Romeo) is a snake with a child in its mouth.

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