Cristiano Ronaldo breaks Saudi Arabia’s century record with Al Nasr after choosing silence after tragic death of family

Cristiano Ronaldo received heartbreaking news about his aunt just before their Copa del Rey match against Ojod. His mother, Dolores Aveiro’s sister Grete, died. The Portuguese star has not commented on his aunt’s untimely death as the family mourn the passing of their favorite aunt. Despite the frustrating incident, Ronaldo was undeterred and continued to perform well at the Al Nasr Stadium.

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The enigmatic striker is currently the top scorer in the Saudi Professional League and has also set a new record with Al Nasr. Therefore, the team performed well and achieved five consecutive victories.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Al Nasr set new record together!


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Since joining Riyadh, sensational Ronaldo has once again donned his shooting boots and scored goals for fun. This season he scored 9 goals in 8 games and even provided 5 assists to his teammates. Even at 38 years old, the Portuguese goal machine doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The Portuguese’s average goal rate in the Saudi league is one goal every 86 minutes. The ratio to goals is amazing because he always comes up with something good. This helped him achieve his latest record with the Saudi club.

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The legendary superstar surpassed the previous record holder of Moroccan player Abderrazak Hamdallah. Before that I was scoring a goal every 87 minutes. Thanks to Ronaldo’s goal-scoring action, he became the player with the highest goals-per-minute average in the Saudi Championship. This is another feather in the cap for CR7, who continues to receive praise for his performance.

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After the death of his mother, Cristiano Ronaldo breaks his silence with three words

Since his arrival in Al Nasr, scoring goals has not been a problem. He scored 23 goals in 22 games and won the Arab Champions Club Cup with the team. However, when he lost his aunt before the Ojo Derby game, time seemed to stand still.

Ronaldo’s defeat


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Although his team won 5-1, Ronaldo did not feature in the match. Ronaldo’s mother Dolores paid tribute to her sister on Instagram. she says:”Today, there is one more star in the sky. Rest in peace my sister. ” The cause of death is unknown due to limited public information about her.

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It has been a disappointing few weeks for Ronaldo and his family. Hope time can heal their mentality.

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