Cristiano Ronaldo criticized for his hands

Cristiano Ronaldo He is one of the footballers who has always been in the spotlight of the media, remembering that the striker always generates news, so he can look forward to his return to the playing field or his actions that he carries out outside the clubs in which your rise shines Georgina Rodriguezon Espos.

It is in the last few hours that Cristiano Ronaldo has found himself at the center of criticism from his followers and his wife because Georgina Rodriguez has been subjected to various photographs in which he is very poorly understood in Portuguese, especially due to the aspect of his hands. , they were the center of attention of sailors.

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In the pictures, the celebrities can be seen sharing a romantic moment at a restaurant located in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. However, what caught everyone’s attention was the image of Georgina and Cristiano looking very happy as they held hands at the top of the table.

What seemed like an ordinary photo turned into a torrent of criticism towards Cristiano Ronaldo as cybernauts were amazed by the Al-Nasr player who spoke bitter words, causing all sorts of comments among his followers who vehemently criticized him, the former Real Madrid player. . player.

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“Am I the only one who reflects the anxiety of all the presence that Christian receives in his so many bites?”, “Have you ever come across words, tell me,” “What are these words?” and “To the truth of the image, CR7 realized that nothing can be perfect,” are the comments of Internet users on the photo published by Georgina Rodriguez.

More cybernaut criticism of Cristiano Ronaldo

While some harshly criticized Cristiano Ronaldo, other followers spoke about a personal question they had in Portuguese in a private part, it is worth noting that the criminal is not only distinguished by a sweet throat, but also by an impeccable radiance.

Finally, other followers noted that Cristiano Ronaldo’s problem is anxiety, as it is a habit that affects people suffering from this condition.

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