Cristiano Ronaldo embarks on new multi-million dollar sporting adventure

cristiano ronaldo He decided to expand his sporting horizons and set his sights on the world of paddle tennis.Through his ventures and his company CR7 SA, the Portuguese won the competition tendered by the Portuguese Paddle Board Federation to build a huge complex The municipality of Oeiras has 17 paddle tennis courts.

The complex is scheduled to open in early 2025 and will be calledpadel city And is expected to become the largest cricket club in Portugal.Cristiano Ronaldo and Portuguese company Lusofinança expected to invest over five million euros in this ambitious project.

Cristiano Ronaldo plays padel tennis

Ricardo Oliveira, president of the Portuguese Paddleboard Federation, expressed his enthusiasm for the development and said it would be “A reference point and a business card“For the padel sport in Portugal. Furthermore, it will make a significant contribution to strengthening the sport’s young talents and the development of the national team.

The “City of Paddles” will cover an area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters The project will be built in partnership with Lusofinança, whose majority shareholder is businessman Filipe de Botton, who has extensive experience in the financial sector and has served as a representative of Banco Sabadell.

Cristiano Ronaldo plays padel tennis

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The project marks a new chapter in Cristiano Ronaldo’s growing portfolio and is expected to become a key destination for cricket fans in Portugal and beyond. ‘City of Paddles’ is becoming a hub Excellence and growth of the sport.

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