Cristiano Ronaldo embroiled in million-dollar lawsuit in US: Reasons behind trial

Cristiano and new scandals related to the crypto world (Photo: Reuters)

Income is known cristiano ronaldo Their influence extends far beyond football.The Portuguese is currently the highest-paid footballer in the world Saudi Arabia since he arrived nasser But he never stopped actively venturing into other industries and continued to create wealth.However, it is related to Certain brands may cause you problems in the short term For files opened in North America.

It is reported British Broadcasting Corporationthe Portuguese are being prosecuted USA For his participation in a cryptocurrency company’s advertising campaign Binance. The plaintiff’s identity has not been disclosed. They accused the athlete of causing significant financial losses.During the trial Claims for compensation exceed 915 million euros. At present, neither the company nor the football player has made any comment, despite requests from multiple media outlets for communication.

The case originated in 2022, when the application A series put into circulation Non-fungible tokensalso known as NFT, Related to Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 brand. These NFTs are digital goods that can be traded on online platforms, and the Portuguese promoted them as a thank you to his followers.But the value of the product Dramatic drop from $77 to just $1 in one year.

Cristiano Ronaldo collection filed in US (Photo: Binance)

According to the complaint, the campaign resulted in cryptocurrency searches being 500% higher than normal, allegedly due to player influence over the ads. NFT value fell from $77 to $1 as demand was critical, shows Promotion sparks surge in interest in cryptocurrencies, ultimately harming the interests of investors. The accusation reflects the danger and instability in the country. digital assets.

Legal proceedings against Cristiano Ronaldo over Binance activities highlight Debate over celebrities’ responsibility to influence investment decisions in the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, this puts the footballer in the spotlight of media attention not only for his performances on the field but also for his influence in the financial and legal fields, heightening interest in the influence of public figures in these fields.

The Portuguese striker just invested part of his fortune in one of his greatest players Hobby: Luxury watches. In recent years, jewelry has become a tool for people. invest, in addition to being considered a must-have accessory for wealthy people to decorate their wrists.Over the past decade, these watches have successfully surpassed goldthis property property and Stocks on the stock market as long-term investments And experts predict this trend will continue to grow.

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