Cristiano Ronaldo fans react to Lionel Messi’s great goal at the monument

Lionel Messi He showed his class again against EcuadorThe first game of South American qualifying for the 2026 World Cup between the United States, Canada and Mexico.

With a few minutes left in the game, a player from Rosario took a free kick. The Argentine national team won 1-0 and got a good start in the intercontinental competition.

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Cristiano Ronaldo fans went to see Lionel Messi:

Seeing the perfect execution of current Inter Miami players, Fans cheering at Memorial Stadium They chanted the name of the man from Rosario. However, on the playing field, There are also some detractors of “Pulga” who do not celebrate this event..

this is my situationThe Mexican influencer, known as “Evil Machine Mike” and an admitted fan of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, was on one of the stalls at the venue. When Messi was about to take the free kick, Douyin users took out their mobile phones to record the moment and said: “Missing in the “Persi” area.I’d kill myself if you put it there“.

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After an impeccable definition of captain of the national team, He was visibly surprised and had an angry look on his face. ‘The hard life of an anti-Messi’he wrote in the video.

The post received multiple views, multiple likes and hundreds of comments about his expression when he saw the goal. In most of the messages, users were responsible for emphasizing the qualities of the Argentine.

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