Cristiano Ronaldo knocks out photographer at Al-Nassr match (Video)

cristiano ronaldo continue to consolidate within arab football Every game makes an impact Nasserwhether it’s an assist or a goal, is a factor in scoring, although in the best-case scenario both will happen.

The Portuguese footballer is an absolute icon in football. saudi arabia footballHe had trouble fully adapting to his style of play during the second half of the 2022-2023 season, a situation that has been forgotten and ultimately worked in his favor.

In a new six-day event In the Saudi Professional League, Cristiano Ronaldo leads the scoring list with 7 goals Considering the number of European stars who have followed in his footsteps this season, this situation once again puts him above his great rivals.

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For many people it is best football player in the world Not only is he committed to scoring goals and getting fans out of their seats Saudi Arabiabut is also responsible for leaving strange situations, such as the fact that Knocked out a photographer at a recent away game.

Cristiano and Al Nasr celebrate goal – @cristiano

cristiano ronaldo Starring in a funny moment Al-Nassr beat Al Raed 1-3, although he scored a wonderful goal against his opponent. This was when a free kick opportunity was scored,’commander“He passed the ball to the side of the post and had no idea it would end in the most unexpected way: Knock out the photographer.

In a video recorded from the source of the river King Abdullah Stadium in Buraydah You can see the way the free kick goes cristiano ronaldo It turned into a real missile, aimed at a photographer who was monitoring the game, and was completely knocked out after affecting his humanity.

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this Execution of Cristiano Ronaldo He passed through the side of the goal and directly hit the game cameraman. Faced with this situation, he was completely “stuck” and made cartoon-like “funny” actions. Nearby stadium staff ran to help him.

Unknown whether action has been taken cristiano ronaldo It was a personal compensation as some fans sarcastically claimed the Portuguese did it on purpose.This is not the first timeloopholes“He influenced someone in this way and he assaulted a female security guard at Manchester United who ended up being knocked to the foot of the stand.”

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