Cristiano Ronaldo pays Georgina Rodriguez monthly childcare fees

Cristiano “pays” his wife Georgina a huge monthly salaryInstagram

cristiano ronaldo has been found in Georgina Rodriguez to your other half. She is his huge unconditional support, twins are waiting to arrive and wedding plans are still in progress, although a wedding date has not yet been announced. Everything between them is idyllic, however, what stands out most is the monthly salary the Portuguese earns for his partner to take care of the four children they now have. an important person, Estimated fees and childcare costs are approximately €100,000, According to the newspaper “El”.


The model and influencer is the one responsible for her four children, taking them to school, picking them up and supporting them. For this purpose, the Portuguese gave him a sum of money every month to provide for all the children’s needs. The couple has made all preparations for the arrival of their two children, who will be their second and third after the arrival of Alana Martina in 2017. Thus, the family continued to grow and the Portuguese, together with Cristiano, would increase the number of children to six Jr. The eldest of them were the twins Eva and Mateo, and in the same year, Alana was born.

The couple estimated that they spent about 2,000 euros on the arrival of their children. Even though they already got a lot of stuff from their brothers, it wasn’t that much considering they had to buy two of everything. Additionally, the couple now has additional expenses due to wedding preparations.

Regardless of their expenses, they have no financial problems because in addition to Cristiano’s high salary, Georgina has also become One of the Spanish influencers with the largest following, earning almost €50,000 Promote products of different brands on social networks.

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