Cristiano Ronaldo reports Juventus and demands repayment of 20 million euros debt

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Cristiano Ronaldo appears to have left a debt to settle after leaving Juventus. Current Al Nasr players are set to sue Juventus for unpaid debts from their time in Serie A, according to reports in Italy.

The Portuguese striker has enjoyed time in Italy, albeit with ups and downs between the 2018/19 and 20/21 seasons, and is now said to be claiming payments that were not given to him at the time. He reportedly informed the Turin prosecutor’s office of the situation and decided to take action.

Clubs have suffered huge losses during the suspension of football due to the coronavirus pandemic. At Juventus, they have had to cut costs, which has affected players such as Cristiano, who appears ready to sue the club for not paying him €19.9 million.

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