Cristiano Ronaldo scores an impressive goal from 40 meters!

Cristiano Ronaldo whipped out his magic wand to lead Al Nasr to a 3-0 win over Al Ahdoud, who was inspired by the Portuguese striker with a sharp second half performance A spectacular double and painted with Vaseline as a frame Showcasing the best goals of his career.

Christianity He scored fifteen goals in the game, More than one per game.He scored two fantastic goals in the second act The 38-year-old is proving to be in top form. In the first, in the 77th minute, he emerged as a high-level zone player: he finished the ball well, culminating with a wonderful right-hand strike that rewarded him in Perseverance in front of the opponent’s goal.

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That was just the appetizer, because just three minutes later he scored an unforgettable and wonderful goal. He beat goalkeeper Paulo Vito with an incredible shot from 40 meters. He dropped a Juan Carlos Navarro-esque “bomb” that stopped time at Al Obar Park Stadium. The ball rose to a considerable height and slowly fell from the air until it kissed the goal net. Al-Ahdoud.

It was a perfect ending to a game that got off to a bad start Cristiano returned to the dressing room after 45 minutes visibly upset. Although Al Nasr finished the opening act early on the scoreboard, thanks For Sammy Alnagy’s success, Luis Castro’s side did not convince with a predictable and stingy game.

CR7 revolutionizes Al-Nassr after break

However, Walking through the dressing room improved Nasr’s performance, Under Cristiano, things have improved significantly. And, before celebrating his first goal, he had a very clear chance to make a signature play: He completed a brilliant dribble down the line to sit Hassam Zabudani before he fired a shot from the top of the hat at almost no angle, grazing the corner of Al Ahoud’s goal.

In the end, Cristiano won the award with two superb goals for his perseverance, while Nasr would finish second in the Saudi league at the end of the fourteenth day. On Friday, they reached 34 points, one point away from Al Hilal, who will face Al Hazem away from home on Saturday.

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