Cristiano Ronaldo, the good life in Arabia is no longer good, problems in paradise

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Another Saudi, Cristiano Ronaldo: holding a sword and wearing traditional clothes

  • CR7, Arabic gold plating

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Daniel Alberto Diaz

Cristiano Ronaldo is about to celebrate the first anniversary of his move to Saudi Arabia, Therefore, participate in the country’s professional league. He was a pioneer because he was the first person to dare to leave Europe and accept the zero-filled offer that was made to him. Everything seemed great for ‘Elbijo’, who became the highest-paid player on the planet, far surpassing Kylian Mbappe’s perception at Paris Saint-Germain.

In fact, it quadrupled the French genius’ income, not counting profits from brands, companies or social networks. He now earns a net profit of 200 million euros a year at Al-Nassr, Although he could no longer boast of being the highest-paid footballer in the world, as Neymar surpassed him a few months later when he joined Al Hilal, also from the Saudi Professional League, which has become a trendy destination .

Cristiano Ronaldo announces signing with Al Nassr in 2022 (Cordon Press).

That’s not too much fun for the Portuguese star, who feels he’s no longer a huge draw in the Saudi professional league. The recent incredible meteor shower, combined with the fact that he’s been there longer, has made it less of a main attraction. People are now more eager to see other stars on the pitch, such as the Brazilian magician, or Sadio Mane who shares the dressing room with CR7.

Apart from, To the dissatisfaction of the former Real Madrid, Juventus and Sporting Lisbon footballer, we must add the fact that he longs for his old life. No matter how bathed in gold, it was different, he always said, to live in a country as different as Arabia, with a culture and language as different as in the Spanish capital. It was there that he felt most at ease and had the best time.

Portuguese newspaper A Bola guarantees Ronaldo won’t be there for long.

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